Oven Controlled Crystal (OCXO) Oscillators

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Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators are crystal controlled oscillator where the crystal is held at an elevated temperature.

Very high stability with temperature is possible up to ±1x 10-11 over a wide temperature range.

Magna Frequency Components offers possibly the widest selection of OCXO available from a single source.

For pico-station applications where low power consumption is required we can offer our OXO14 in 14 DIL packages using either an AT cut or SC cut crystal.

For military and avionics applications where g-sensitivity and phase noise under vibration are of concern then we can offer high stability milled case devices specifically designed for the application.

With supply voltage down to 3.3V Magna can offer a suitable OCXO for any application.

Magna offer custom designs and engineering support for specific customer applications.

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