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Quartz crystal resonators are probably the most widely used circuit timing element with a frequency range from a few kHz to over 200MHz.

Quartz crystal resonators offer very high Q values coupled with good frequency versus temperature characteristics making them the first choice where accurate clocks or reference frequencies are needed.

Magna Frequency Components offers possibly the widest selection of quartz crystal resonators available from a single source, from the world’s smallest AT cut SMD crystal at only 2.0x1.6x0.45mm high, ideal for use in modern mobile devices such as Bluetooth, DAB radio and ZigBee, to low cost HC49/U crystals for high volume consumer applications.

Leaded Quartz Crystals

Image Type Range Size Features New* PDF
HC49/U 1.8 ~ 150MHz 11.05x4.65x13.46mm Low cost. Max pulling range Yes PDF
HC49/T 1.8 ~ 180MHz 11.05x4.65x9.3mm Low profile version of HC49/U Yes PDF
HC49/4 3.2 ~ 100MHz 11.05x4.65x3.5mm high Low Profile. Lowest cost Yes PDF
HC49/3 1.3 ~ 110MHz 11.05x4.65x2.5mm high Low profile version of HC49/4 Yes PDF
UM-1 6 ~ 200MHz 7.9x3.2x8.1mm high Miniature size. Tight tolerance available Yes PDF
UM-4 6 ~ 200MHz 7.9x3.2x4.7mm high 4.7mm high version of UM-1 Yes PDF
UM-5 8 ~ 200MHz 7.9x3.2x6.0mm high 6.0mm high version of UM-1 Yes PDF

SMD Crystals

Image Type Range Size Features New* PDF
HC494SM HC494SM 3.2 ~ 100MHz 11.4x4.65x4.2mm high Lowest cost. Industry standard Yes PDF
HC493SM HC493SM 3.2 ~ 100MHz 11.4x4.65x3.2mm high Low profile version of HC494SM Yes PDF
SM75A 6 ~ 110MHz 7x5x1.5mm high 4-pad seam welded. Wide frequency range. No PDF
SM53A 8 ~ 110MHz 5x3.2x1.0mm high 4-pad seam welded. Tight tolerance. Yes PDF
SM53B 8 ~ 110MHz 5x3.2x1.0mm high 2-pad all ceramic package. Yes PDF
SM42A 12 ~ 48MHz 4x2.5x0.8mm high 4-pad seam welded. Tight tolerance.  No PDF
SM32A 16 ~ 40MHz 3.2x2.5x0.7mm high 4-pad seam welded. Yes PDF
SM22A 16 ~ 50MHz 2.5x2x0.55mm high 4-pad seam welded Yes PDF
SM21A 24 ~ 50MHz 2.0x1.6x0.55mm high 4-pad seam welded. Smallest size Yes PDF

Low Frequency Crystals

Image Type Range Size Features New* PDF
W38 32.768kHz 3x8mm Cylinder Leaded Very low cost. 20 ~ 200kHz available Yes PDF
W26 32.768kHz 2x6mm Cylinder Leaded Small size. 20 ~ 200kHz available Yes PDF
SM26A 32.768kHz 6x2mm SMD Cylinder 20 ~ 200kHz available Yes PDF
SM26D 32.768kHz 6x2mm SMD Cylinder Flat surface. 20kHz ~ 200kHz available Yes PDF
SM94 32.768kHz 9x4mm Low cost plastic SMD. Available 30kHz ~ 200kHz Yes PDF
SM715 32.768kHz 7x1.5mm SMD plastic package. 1.5mm high Yes PDF
SM415 32.768kHz 4x1.5mm SMD metal lid No PDF
SM315 32.768kHz 3x1.5mm SMD. Smallest available Yes PDF

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